Fire Prevention Week - October, 2008

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Annual Fire Prevention Week Educates Youth

"Fired Up for Safety!"

This year's Fire Prevention Week activities saw the Center Pigeon Fire Department provide "Smoke House" training at four local elementary schools.  About 1,000 1st-5th graders passed through the department's smoke house - essentially a fire prevention education trailer - during the training.

Students from North Canton Elementary, Meadowbrook Elementary, Bethel Christian Academy, and Bethel Elementary discovered what it would be like in the event of a real fire in their home.  The realistic training involved a short lecture by Firefighter Jim Clontz concerning what one should do when they hear a smoke detector alarm.

Jim furthered each school's fire prevention training by explaining how to safely exit a home in the event of an actual fire. 

Students were reinforced the "stop, drop, and roll" method and shown in real-world detail how smoke during a fire floats above, allowing one to see below.  He even made a firefighter "disappear" during the fun training. 

Students had a blast - especially when the smoke detector suddenly sounded! 

All students successfully "escaped" the smoke house and headed to their designated meeting place.  Some even learned how to exit via a window.

Most said they have a nice teacher and none wanted to use the smoke house to make their teacher "disappear".

Students also learned to tell their sleepover friends where their meeting place is, and the importance of checking the batteries in their smoke detectors during the fall and spring when the time changes.

Teachers also took names of students who said they did not have a smoke detector in their home and several department personnel have spent the week visiting those homes and installing the detectors at no cost.